Pure Mathematics in Norway


Guidelines for grant applications from the TMS-TFS project «Pure Mathematics in Norway»

  1. National and international mobility.
  •  A certain amount is allocated by PC annually to mobility funding, the main aim being to support small scale collaborations and establishing new contacts. Applications are submitted to and approved by LPC.
  • As a rule, funding per activity is limited to 10 kkr. This amount can be increased at the discretion of the LPC.
  • International guests can be invited for visits of up to a week at one of our departments. They should give guest lectures and do joint research activities. Longer stays can be partially funded.
  • Researchers from other Norwegian departments who would like to attend guest lectures could be supported.
  • Ph.D. students who do not have other travel funding, can apply for (partial) support to visit institutions abroad for stays from two weeks up to three months.
  • The mobility grant can support travel by Norwegian mathematicians to international institutions for stays up to two weeks, preferably for joint research cooperation.
  • The mobility grant can support research in pairs activities at suitable places, provided a good plan for research cooperation is presented.
  • Participation of Norwegian mathematicians at conferences or workshops can also be supported, however the priority for mobility funding is joint research cooperation.
  1. TMS-TFS Guest Professors
  • Depending on their career level, successful candidates will be invited either as Guest Professor or as Junior Guest Professor.
  • The application must include a plan for a set of lectures: A «mini-course» for stays up to six weeks and a more extensive course for longer stays.
  • The project will not cover a salary or honorarium, but we can pay per diem or a stipend or similar. Local costs per month should not exceed 35 kNOK, including accommodation and per diem/stipend, but check with your institution for local practices, which may amount to lower limits.
  • By the end of their stay, guest professors are expected to write a popular piece related to their research, to be published on the project web site (preferably with a photo of the guest professor).
  • There will be at least 12 months per year for guest professorships, distributed among the four institutions.
  • A significant part of the positions should be filled by women. Applications from the same research group must over time include proposals to invite female candidate in order to be prioritized.
  1. Summer/winter schools
  • The project does not cover honorarium to lecturers (but the organizers can cover this from other funding sources if desired).
  • Budgets should be kept modest, hence preferred locations for schools are universities, the Sophus Lie center in Nordfjordeid or similar venues. Paying for meeting rooms in hotels should be avoided.
  • Participants from abroad (both master and PhD students) should, as a rule, pay their own travel and accommodation, but the project can cover their meals (lunches and dinners) during the school.
  • A significant part of the participants has to be Norwegian students/PhD/postdocs. If possible, a Norwegian lecturer should be considered in the school.
  1. Workshops/meetings
  • Budgets should be kept modest.
  • Applications with non-accurate budgets will receive less priority.
  • With a possible exception for the National meetings, the use of hotels as conference venues should be avoided, unless it can be justified on account of special circumstances or a particularly good deal with the hotel.
  • For meals, university catering or other reasonable options should preferably be used for lunches and coffee breaks. The project can also cover a conference dinner.
  • Norwegian participation at several levels (organizers, speakers, participants) is expected.
  • When an application is accepted, the organizers are expected to make a poster/announcement to be published on the project web page. The poster should include the TMS/TFS logos. When the event is finished, the detailed program and the list of participants will also be published on the web page. Posters from previous workshops are available and can be used as templates.
  1. Joint day seminars & TMS/TFS colloquia
  • The joint day seminars are organized around one or more international guests and with a strong Norwegian participation.
  • The meeting should be focused, i.e. the topic is within one field or at the intersection of two related fields.
  • Participants from other universities come in the morning (or evening before) and leave at the end of the day.
  • Each participating institution will normally host one such seminar each semester.
  • The budget should not exceed 50 kNOK for UiB, NTNU, UiO and 60 kNOK for UiT.
  • Some of these meetings may be extended to a TMS/TFS colloquium. This can span two days, include social dinner and get extra funding, depending on availability. Normally this will happen at most once each semester.
  1. Submission of information to the webpage of the project
  • Local PC should submit the information on all activities of the unit (both forthcoming and fulfilled) to webmaster@puremath.no in due time.
  • The format of the submission should correspond to the format in which the data is published on the webpage. This includes: meetings, mobility, guest professors, schools and master classes.
  • It is LPC responsibility to keep webpage updated in these respects.
  1. Acknowledgments
  • The TMS/TFS foundation asks to acknowledge support if work has been completed using mobility or other means of the project. The suggested acknowledgment is as follows: “This work was partially supported by the project Pure Mathematics in Norway, funded by Trond Mohn Foundation and Tromsø Research Foundation”.
  • Please make sure to also acknowledge the support when registering relevant publications in Cristin. Under „Project code“ enter the acronym „PureMath“, and in the pull-down menu „Choose source of funding“, select either Trond Mohn Foundation or Tromsø Research Foundation.